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Beautiful Morning

Morning All! Hippie Momma is enjoying this beautiful morning on her patio and pondering her next soap batches and realizing that it is time to make her fall and winter soaps! It doesn't seem possible, but it's true! Time to get ready for her busy season of craft fairs and her annual open house. She has allot on her schedule and she has added another page to her website to keep you all updated!  In the meantime Hippie Momma will be making more soap (both bar and liquid), new products and new and fresh ideas.  Check back often to see what's new. Peace! 

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Hi Everyone! Hippie Momma wants you to know that there were some issue with this new site but she is please to say that she is up and running! (huge shout out to Fionnuala from Shopify!!) Also, after a long year and many changes Hippie Momma is getting back to her hippie self and making all of the products that you love, as well as some exciting new ones!  Want to get from stuff from Hippie Momma? Order online, message her, or you can set up an appointment on Facebook! Hippie Momma thanks you for your patience and remember; she is  Loving The World One Bar At A Time.

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