Sunday Night

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It’s Sunday night. ┬áTime to get ready for the week; dinners to make, veggies to cut up for lunches, laundry away and now some quiet time for reflection.

It was cold this weekend. I mean cold. So, what do we do? Decide that it is time to get a car for our daughter, Amelia. At a cold car lot. We actually found a good car at a decent price. Now we start with a whole new kind of parenting stress. My husband and I finished the day with wine and chocolate tasting and a delicious dinner we made for ourselves.

Today I started to teach Amelia the art of soapmaking. We made a lovely smelling floral with Neroli, Gardenia and White Tea with Ginger. Next we made what Amelia called Hippie soap. It’s made with Neroli and Cedarwood. I love to play chemistry lab in my kitchen! A drop of this and a splash of that all go into making my soap smell so good. Both will be ready for Easter and Mother’s Day.

As I close the day watching Downton Abbey, I am thankful that I am able to relax in my yoga pants, get into bed and know that I am ready for the week ahead.

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