Spring has begun!!!!

Magnolia  Daffodils



Spring has arrived in all of it’s Glory. Daffodils are blooming, my roses are sprouting and with any luck, today I will plant my onions, lettuce and beets.

This Spring has brought with it many changes in our lives. My daughter is taking a semester off from college to get healthy. She has Rheumatiod Arthritis (an autoimmune disease) and after getting mono in January, made the decision that her health comes first. We have since found out that she has gluten, soy, tomato and cirtus allergies. This has taken grocery shopping to a whole new level. I am happy to report that she is feeling much better after making these changes.

Watching her go throught these changes has helped me to make some of my own. I have made the decision to clear out the clutter of my life. I have let go of people and ideas that  don’t align with the life that I want. It’s amazing how we let things get in our way without even realizing it! After cleaning out my gardens and yard this weekend it will be time to go throught the house. Can you say “GARAGE SALE”.

Cleaning out sure does feel good. That’s why I am having a HUGE SOAP SALE!! I am selling some of my soap for 50% off! I am even cutting shipping costs! I am selling these bars for $2.00/1. That’s 3/$6 and 6/$10.

Scents include; Vanilla, Tea Tree, Cold Care, Oatmeal, Light Floral and Lemon Balm.

I also have regularly priced soaps ($4.00/bar). Scents include: Hippywood (patchoui and cedarwood), Citrus, Mother’s Day (Neroli and Gardenia) and Touch of Grey (Lavender, Patchouli/Ginger and Cedarwood).

Spring is here

I hope that you all are able to get outside and enjoy this Spring. Take some time to smell the flowers!

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