Bath Luxuries, Fizzes and Soaks


Hippie Momma also carries a full line of relaxing, luxurious  Bath Fizzies, Scrubs and Bath Soaks.

What is a Bath Fizzie? It’s made with Corn Starch, Baking Soda and Citric Acid (a salt used in canning food). I add some Coconut oil, Witch Hazel, fragrance and color and mix it together. When you put it into the bath it FIZZES!  It’s a fun way to add relaxing fragrance and softness to your bath.  They are available in jumbo, large and small sizes.

Current fragrances include :Small; neroli, chai tea

Large; lemon-lime, gardenia, vanilla/lavender and hippiewood

Jumbo: coconut lime, rose, lavender vanilla and lemon

Scrubs are here!!! You asked for it and here it is! Sugar/Salt scrubs are made with organic sugar, Epsom and or pink Himalayan  salts, almond and or olive oil, and fragrances.  They come in two sizes; 4 ounce and 8 ounce. (please note that your tub may be slippery after using. be careful!)

Fragrances: coconut lime, green tea, pumpkin spice, chamomile bergamont and dharma.

Bath Soaks are made with salts, powdered milk, fragrance oils, dried flowers and teas. Just add them to your bath water and enjoy the wonderful scents and softness. They are also available in small and large.  In salt soaks and milk bath soaks.

Live in the Lehigh Valley? Don’t want to pay shipping? Message Hippie Momma and she will help you get your Hippie Stuff!