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Handmade Soaps in my Bath Shop

We all deserve a little luxury!!

Soap making is a passion of mine. After much experimentation with different recipes I have found the ones  that I feel are the best for my customers. I use simple natural ingredients.  Most soaps are made with Aloe Vera juice and Coconut oil with the exception of Baby Bear which is made with Buttermilk and Olive oil. I never use any detergents or preservatives.

I use quality essential and fragrance oils, all natural spices and teas and colorants to bring you an incredible scent experience.

Check back to see what’s new! I am always experimenting with  new fragrances. Some fragrances are seasonal, so make sure that you check back regularly. Check out my bath fizzies, shower soothers bath salts, scrubs and soaks.  All made with pampering in mind.

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hippie momma does not make ANY medical claims.

Colors may vary 


img_1568Lavender and Lavender Oatlmeal- My lavender soap is made with Aloe Vera Juice and Coconut Oil. I use Lavender essential oil and add  bits of Lavender. It has been said that an evening shower with this soap is a great way to end the day.

img_1570Hippie Dad’s Favorite-This is an eye-opening blend of Orange Valencia and Grapefruit . I’ve added Citrus peel for added scent and color.

Cucumber Melon smells like a fresh summer day! Perfect for when you are not ready to let summer go!

img_1564A blend of coffee and oatmeal make this a great soap to start the day with.  Aloe Vera and Coconut oil make this soap extra delicious.

Hippiewood is my signature scent. I have combined Patchouli/Ginger, Neroli and Cedarwood essential oils. This will take you back to a time Peace, Love and Harmony!


Pumpkin Spice – Aloe Vera, coconut oil and organic Pumpkin are sure to make this  seasonal favorite!

img_1582Kitchen Spice A blend of Aloe Vera, Coconut oil, Cinnamon Spice fragrance oil and Pumpkin pie spices.  A great hand/body  soap for the Holiday Season.

img_1562Baby Bear- For this soap I have used buttermilk, coconut oil and olive oil. Organic baby carrots give it it’s color. This soap is gentle and unscented.

img_1573Eucalyptus is a clean, stronger scented soap. Great for a little comfort when you need to clear your head!

Dharma has many meanings. For me it means your life’s purpose. What better way to start or finish your day than spending a few minutes taking the time to ponder your life and where it’s going. This soap is spicy, woodsy and has a hint of citrus.

 Karma is what comes around goes around. This soap has an amazing smell of patchouli, slightly smoke and a citrus note that will keep you coming back for more.

Rustic Woods is a fragrance oil that I use for my shaving soap.  I add a bit of French clay to give some “slip” to make shaving easier.  I created this for the man in my life, but women love it too and I can’t keep it on the shelves!


I created Heart and Soul for the mom of 3 girls. She wanted a soap that would help her feel better after a tough day. Scented with Gardenia, Neroli and a touch of Cedarwood, I think that you will love it as much as I do!

 Sunflower was meant to be seasonal but I think it’s a keeper! It’s warm and summery. It will be nice on  cold winter’s day!

 Hop Hill Brewery and I have created 2 wonderful soaps using their fine handcrafted beer.  I have created and IPA and a chocolate stout called Amore. They have a great lather and mild scent. Perfect for the beer lover in your home!

Apple soap is perfect for fall or anytime that you want to enjoy the crisp scent of a Macintosh apple fresh from the tree!

Black River Farms Winery and Hippie Momma have joined together to bring you some really beautiful soaps. It started with their delicious and refreshing Star wine. A wonderful lather and delicate aroma make this soap a wonderful addition to Hippie Momma’s menu.

Hair Soap! Yes, I made soap for your hair! There are no sulfates or preservatives. Just water and saponified coconut oil. These bars are very lightly scented with tea tree, citrus or cedarwood amber. Your hair will be squeaky clean with no build up!