New Beginnings


The past few months have been rough. Mia sick, Mia totaling my car, having to get a new one…but, the biggest challenge has been that I was diagnosed with Rheumatiod Arthritis (RA).

A part of me is glad that I have a diagnosis,¬†finally.¬†For years I have been told that the pain and exhaustion “is all in your head” or my favorite “your fine, your just depressed”. You start to think that it’s true. Then, you get doctors that listen to you and you get the care that you need. You take better care of yourself and you start to feel better.

With RA comes a new beginning. I wont let RA rule me. Instead I’m looking at life differently and seeing what is really important. I am eating better, trying to move more, resting and doing more for me. I’m not scared and I’m over being mad. I am glad that I know what I am up against and that I’m not crazy. I’m ready to heal and move on. I feel like I am better able to live the life that I want to.

I think that the real point that I want to make is that you should never, never give up. Find that those that will listen and not judge. Then, keep moving forward and live your life


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