Little visitors


Little Stinker
Little Stinker


My daughter found these little guys wandering around at a neighbors house one evening. We are pretty sure that momma was in an accident a few days before and they are a little too small to be without her.

Mia wanted to care for and feed them. She gave them eyedroppersful of Powerade and water, cat food and veggie scraps. They were vacationing in our chicken coop. Yes, they can spray a little buut they need to have both back feet on the ground and kinda do a pumping with their back kegs while they are deciding where to spray.

They grew up enough to be released and are now happily living in the woods.


Baby Birds
Baby Birds

I enjoyed watching these baby birds grow. It was exciting to hear them and see Mom and Dad bringing them food.

I waited every morning to photograph them learning to fly. Then, one day they were gone. They learned to fly and their little house is now empty. It happpened the one rainy morning that I was not able to be outside. I didn’t get the pictures but I am happy that the little ones have grown.

Small adventures and miracles are all around us. We only have to look as far as our backyards to find them.


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