Karma is a good thing

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A random act of kindness and some good Karma went a long way today. A man that I don’t know did a small thing for me that helped to restore my faith in human beings.

My husband and I went on an adventure to find antique displays for my soap. As we left one antique shop I found this roaster. I can picture some new items in here and think that it will be perfect. When I got to the register I went to pay in cash only to find that I did not have enough on me and the store would not take a card for such a small purchase. As I was about to leave without my pan that man next to me offered to pay for me! I was stunned! He was so kind and upset when I said that I couldn’t take his money. He insisted and I agreed to pay it forward. A small thing for him but a huge gift for me.

I try to pay it forward as often as possible. Whether it’s as simple as leaving my quarter in the shopping cart at Aldis or leaving a dollar in the Redbox DVD for the next person. If we all paid it forward just a little we could make the world a little bit better. Randon acts of kindness (raks) are available to do for anyone, don’t cost much and can change a person’s day.

I would like to use this space to hear form you. Leave a message with any RAKS or how you paid it forward. Who knows, maybe you will inspire someone else, and someone else, and so on….

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  1. I’ve already paid the restaurant tab for a senior couple(without them knowing). Felt good☺

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