Happy Summer!!!

Behind the Morning Glory

Today is the Solstice and a full moon!

Summer is here! Time to enjoy all that the Earth has to give us. More light, more flowers, more vegetables and more time to relax and enjoy just being.

My family likes to have what we call  “a summer of nothing”. That means that we just let it flow. RELAX. READ. Enjoy our time with each other at a slower pace. We take this time of year to slow down and enjoy. We bike and kayak. We take in music at places like Artsquest and Musikfest. We are also much more spontaneous and will go where the Spirit takes us.


I take this time to go back to the Earth with my gardens and call on my Druid ancestors. I cultivate, prune, can, and stock up for the colder months. This year I am thinking of learning more about herbs and herbal medicine. It seems like the next path that I should take. Who knows where it will lead?

Have a beautiful and Blessed Solstice!


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