Bubble and Soil: What’s new

Hippie Momma Soap has been going through a transformation. I still homestead and will talk about my “little farm” and all that I do here. The big change is that  I have turned soap making into a business instead of a hobby.

My goal is to bring you excellent handmade soaps. I use only a few quality ingredients that result in a quality product. My soaps are creamy, bubbly, cleansing and non-drying. My soaps also have wonderful fragrances (with the exception of Baby Bear, which is unscented).

All soaps are made in small batches. This allows me to have better quality control enabling me to sell you a better soap.

I will also be selling Bath Fizzies, Bath Salt Soaks and Milk Bath Soaks. All are made to help you relax and de-stress. All make wonderful gifts for anyone that you feel could use a little pampering. These will be ready for sale in just a few weeks.

I have added Shopify to my site so that you can buy with ease and confidence. I have Paypal and credit card options. However, if you live close to me I would be happy make arrangements to get your products to you instead of buying on this site. This will also save on shipping costs for you. You can contact me through this webpage and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

I hope that you will look around a bit. Please let me know if you have ANY questions and leave comments if you would like to.

Remember: Hippie Momma Soap is Loving the World one Bar at a Time!

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