Bubble and Soil: Love Yourself!

Summer is almost over and I feel like it never really began. It started out very peaceful. Then, I started to get very overwhelmed.  There is so much that is thrown at us every day.  We have to work hard, work out, have no debt, the world is in crisis, animals need our help,  eat this food, stay away from that food, save for college and retirement, wear this and not that, nuclear war and do it all while looking younger without wrinkles and social media. No wonder we are so stressed out!

Well, Hippie Momma is here to say STOP!  You are wonderful the way you are! Your a rock star and you should treat your self like one!  I don’t mean go out and buy a fancy car or an expensive wardrobe, I mean treat your self with love and kindness. Be good to yourself, give your body good food, exercise and RELAX!

That’s where I come in. Sometimes we only have a few minutes to relax and reboot ourselves. Why not do that with some great smelling soap. Take a long bath with some beautiful bath soaks or a bath fizzie or two. Finish with a luxurious sugar-salt scrub to help your skin feel invigorated and smooth.

I have been making new soap and products all summer. Check out my other pages to see what’s available. there is something there for everyone!


Hippie Momma offers all of these Little Bath Luxuries at affordable prices to help you treat yourself the way you should, with Peace and Love.

And remember, Hippie Momma is Loving the World One Bar at a time!



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