A word about Organics, Homesteading and being a Hippie

Why do I choose to live and “organic” lifestyle? Some people say that it’s because I am a hippie at heart. I like to live close to the earth. It’s healthier for us. But, it goes deeper than that. By choosing this lifestyle I can better care for my space on this earth and hopefully help others to do the same.

I live on 1/2 an acre with my husband, daughter, our cats and dog. Soon there will be a new batch of chicks. I have always gardened. Even when we lived in a small aprtment, I had a cider barrel full of veg. We have always had a compost pit and rain barrels. There is so much that you can do in a small space!

I homestead on this little lot. I have a large garden with 4 raised beds, strawberries, blueberries, rhubarb and grapes surrounding them. I also have roses and other native periennial flowers to encourage the bees and other helpful insects to our yard. Last year I added blackberries along the fence line and this year I will be adding an apple tree or two.

I also enjoy cannning and preserving what I grow and cooking most of our food. I feel that it is a gift that I give my family every time I make them good, healthy food to eat. Throughout the years I keep educating myself and others about what it means to live organically. Yes, maybe I am a hippie to enjoy keeping my little homestead going, but it keeps me happy.


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