Month: February 2016

A word about Organics, Homesteading and being a Hippie

Why do I choose to live and “organic” lifestyle? Some people say that it’s because I am a hippie at heart. I like to live close to the earth. It’s healthier for us. But, it goes deeper than that. By choosing this lifestyle I can better care for my space on this earth and hopefully […]

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Sunday Night

It’s Sunday night.  Time to get ready for the week; dinners to make, veggies to cut up for lunches, laundry away and now some quiet time for reflection. It was cold this weekend. I mean cold. So, what do we do? Decide that it is time to get a car for our daughter, Amelia. At […]

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This is the first blog for this site.  This is a new forum for me and I am excited to share things about my hobbies with you. I have always been a bit of a hippie. Always gardened and done so organically.  I have tried to live a simple life. Always canned what I grew, […]

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