Sitting in the evening air and enjoying it’s coolness. The birds are settling in for the night, laughing at each other from high in the trees. My little homestead is getting ready for sleep.
Introducing Chip!


He is a new addition to our family. We rescued him from where Mia works and he was fostered. He is a “designer breed”. Who knew that anything mixed with a Dachshund makes them designer?! Chip is a Doxador. Yup, he’s mixed with a black Lab. Look it up! I swear I’m not lying! He has stolen our hearts with his silly personality and his many, many kisses! He needed a home and apparently, we needed another dog.

The garden is growing! Flowers and veggies are popping up everywhere. This week we will have lettuce and kale ready. ┬áThe beets and onions are not far behind. Everything is growing so quickly and tells me that time is moving forward. First the bearded iris bloom, then the purple flags. Next the peonies and roses. Each flower helps me to tell time. Each one has it’s own unique way to rejoice in this beautiful time of year. There is much to do. Weeding, tending, trimming and soon, canning and preserving.

But for right now, time to rest and enjoy…..

Stay tuned for more from the Small Homestead!

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